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C/C composite (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Composite) is a carbon-carbon composite material reinforced by high strength carbon fiber, which has superior properties such as lightweight, high mechanical strength, and high elasticity.
Since CCM’s strengthened fiber and matrix are both composed of carbon, CCM possesses many advantages over the other conventional carbon-based materials. Furthermore, because it is a fiber-reinforced composite material, CCM shows superior qualities such as excellent compressive strength and flexural strength when compared to other substitutes.
Because of their unique features, our C/C composites are used in a wide range of fields such as electronics, environment and energy, general industrial furnaces, and auto mobiles, and other means of transport.


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Features and Benefits of C/C Composites over Graphite and SS

High Mechanical Strength, High Elasticity & High Toughness

C/C composites have higher strength. higher elasticity, and resistance to cracking and chipping compared to isotropic graphite materials C/C composites can be used with assurance, as the fractures do not propagate rapidly in them.

Ultra heat resistance

C/C composites have higher strength at high temperatures compared to metallic materials They can be used even at ultra-high temperatures of 2000°C of higher in inert atmospheres.

Light-weight and easy to handle

CC composites have low density compared to metallic materials, and therefore, make light weight designing possible.

High thermal conductivity

A thermal conductivity higher than copper has been achieved (in CX. 2002) through the use of carbon structure control technology, which involves our superior chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) treatment.

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C/C Composites Products and Applications

Electronics and Solar


Heat Shield

Carrier Tray for PECVD

Automobiles and Aviation

Sliding Components


General Industrial Vacuum Furnaces
1. CFC Fictures :

Carbon Fiber Composite, or CFC fixtures have become the primary solution due to the material’s advantageous properties in comparison to traditional cast and welded metal. Fixtures are commonly used in the heat treating industry and consist of varying designs contingent upon the specific application. EXPO offers custom fabricated solutions made of 2D CFC for fixtures, shelving, trays and baskets.

Grid Basket Tray


Multilayer Tray

2. Heating Elements :

CFC Heater

CFC Plate Heaters

CFC Road Heaters

Nuts and Bolts


Rods for fixtures

Manufacturing Process

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Composites

1. Physical Strengths of CFC: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon (CFC) is a high-quality fiber-reinforced Carbon composite material. It consists of a carbon or graphite matrix. High stability and distortion resistance are the main advantages of automated processes where warpage and distortions are definitely a deal-breaker.


CFC Fixtures and furniture are often the first choices instead of the classic steel and cast iron shells used in the past. Heat treatment of steel in continuous and multi-chamber furnaces places very high requirements on all components due to extreme temperature differences.

This applies both to the furnace itself and especially to the heaviest supporting elements. Due to their low density and lightweight, CFC trays and fixtures are easy to use and have a much better energy balance than steel or cast iron trays.

In summary, the advantages of CFCs in heat treatment are:

  • high resistance to deformation.
  • high thermal stability.
  • low density.
  • high thermal shock resistance.
  • good energy balance.
  • long service life.

2. Vacuum Furnaces Core Strength: The first case is constructing a vacuum furnace using various graphite components like heating and insulating elements. Another essential component currently in use is the Carbon Fibre Composites (CFC). CFC also has several advantages over traditional vacuum furnace materials.


It is loaded on the shelf with continuous installation. Due to its excellent physical properties, it is also suitable for Vacuum Furnaces production.

CFC refill racks and fixtures are ideal for use in most vacuum furnaces. At room temperature in a vacuum furnace, CFCs do not react with process gases such as nitrogen and argon. High thermal shock resistance guarantees a long service life, so the operation and cycle times are predictable. Another reason to use CFC is that it is lightweight and easy to handle.

3. Cost / Price Benefit: From the outset, there is no financial benefit in utilizing CFC rather than steel racks. The cost of CFC is ordinarily three to multiple times higher than for equivalent steel lattices. Notwithstanding, the higher expenses are immediately compensated by more extended life and higher stacking and thus increased production.

CFC charging racks give self-evident and measurable benefits even at a higher initial cost. They empower more limited process durations with essentially longer assistance life, are up to multiple times lighter than steel racks, and don’t misshape by any means.

This makes taking care of more straightforward and diminishes the measure of work included because it dispenses with the fixing work on contorted racks and guarantees ceaseless creation. These benefits assume a crucial part, particularly when utilizing programmed charging and evacuation frameworks since they empower extension of design with unaltered office size.

Another factor is getting increasingly significant: With the constantly expanding energy expenses, the fantastic energy balance is an excellent justification for utilizing CFC racks, which have lower heat-absorbing properties.

4. High temperature more than 1100 °C – No worries with CFC

Exact prerequisites in heat treatment, like temperatures of more than 1100˚C, select CFC reactions like oxidation, methanization, or the creating of carbonization.

The unification of the parts to the carbon can happen because of direct contact, and the improvement of carbon can cause a lower fusion temperature. The crossover rack evades these contact responses and makes CFC racks usable for temperatures of more than 1100˚F, which is essential for aviation materials or steel alloys.

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