C/C Composites Applications and Industries

Carbon/carbon composite (C/C composite) is an abbreviation of the carbon fiber-reinforced carbon matrix composite which is reinforced by fiber. No matter fiber or matrix, both of them in composite are composed of single elemental carbon. The advantages of carbon/carbon composite made of carbon fiber-reinforced carbon matrix include high-temperature and high elastic coefficient, low density, low thermal-expansion coefficient and high fatigue resistance. C/C composites are used in a variety of fields including high- tech industries such as aerospace, aeronautics and semiconductors, Environment and Energy. General Application Includes Industrial Vacuum Furnaces and automobiles.

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Applications of C/C Composites in Various Industries-

1- Electronics Industry

For production of Mono Crystalline Silicon


Heat Shield

2- Environment & Energy Industry

For production of Multi Crystalline Silicon for solar cells

Rectangular Crucibles

Carrier Tray for PECVD

Applications of C/C Composites in Various Industries-

3- Automobile Industry

Sliding components like clutch


4- Vacuum Furnace & Reactor

For Heat Treatment Furnaces -

We have a dedicated team for relining of any type of vacuum furnace

Graphite Heater

Base Tray

Multilayer Tray



Nuts & Bolts




For Hot Press Furnaces -


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World-renowned companies like Devu tools, Dietech India,MothersonSumi Systems, Kangaro, Seco Warwick, and many others have entrusted us in supplying their Graphite needs. And now it’s your turn to take the benefits of our quality services!


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Expo (founded in 1985) specializes in the machining of Graphite & Composites from more than a decade. Manufacturingand supplying high-grade products for industries has always been a pride for us. Our product ranges from Graphite EDM electrodes to customized graphite dies for Vacuum furnaces, continuous casting industry, sintering and also Carbon Composites - CFC and Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards, and many more! We use the high-grade raw material to make our products with extensive quality control norms.

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