Graphite Applications and Industries

The demand from the industry over the years has been for carbon with increasingly tighter and stable properties of it. In this context, Expo plays an important role in India for providing solutions in Isostatic Graphite. Our excellence is recognized by our customers, with whom we grow together. Our isotropic graphite products are used across a wide field of industries.

  • The semiconductor industry, where innovation is rapidly advancing
  • The environmentally friendly renewable energy industry
  • The mold industry, where accuracy is such a priority
  • The atomic power industry, where trust and reliability is avital factor

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Features of Isostatic Graphite -

1. High Reliability

Isostatic graphite is stronger than conventional graphite due to its micro particle structure. This produces a highly reliable material with a small characteristic variation.

2. Ultra Heat Resistance

In an inert atmosphere, stable use is possible even in extremely high temperatures of 2,000°C or more. The material has low thermal expansion and a high coefficient of thermal conductivity, giving it excellent thermal shock resistance and heat distribution properties, with low thermal deformation. It also has a special characteristic whereby its strength increases as the atmospheric temperature gets higher up until 2,500°C.

3. Excellent Electrical Conductivity

The high and excellent heat resistance mean graphite is the optimum material for applications such as high temperature heaters.

4. Excellent Chemical Resistance

With the exception of some strong oxidizers, it is chemically stable. Graphite can be used stably even in environments that cause some metals to corrode.

5. Lightweight and Easy to Machine

The bulk density is low as compared with metallic materials- enabling a lightweight design. In addition, it has excellent mechanical machining properties-facilitating accurate shaping.

Applications of Isostatic Graphite in various Industries -

Expo’s graphite products are highly regarded for their excellent performance and reliability and are used across a wide range of fields that are essential in our everyday lives. In the environmental and energy industry, our products are used for solar cell manufacturing, atomic power and aerospace applications. In the electronics industry, we provide materials for various manufacturing processes such as polycrystalline silicon and single crystal silicon, white LEDs, and high-frequency devices. Basic applications of our products include industrial furnaces, continuous casting dies such as those for copper alloys, optical fibers, and EDM electrodes for mold manufacture.

1 - Environment and Energy Industry -


  • Solar Cell and Wafer Manufacturing
  • Atomic Power: High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor, Nuclear Fusion
  • Fluorine Electrolysis
  • Fuel Cells
  • Aerospace

Side Heater

Gas Cooled Reactor

Electrode For Fluorine

Electrode For Fluorine

2 - Electronics -


Silicon Semiconductor

Manufacturing Applications -

  • Polycrystalline silicon manufacture
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Plasma CVD electrodes
  • Hermetic sealing jigs
  • Single crystal silicon
  • Susceptors for epitaxial growth
  • Ion implantation




Sealing Jigs

3 - Metallurgical -


Continuous Casting

  • Dies
  • Mandrels

Continuous Casting Dies

Hot Press

  • Dies
  • Punch
  • Sleeves
  • Spacers

Hot Press Dies

Industrial Furnace

  • Heaters
  • Trays


Vacuum Evaporation

  • Crucibles

Vacuum Evaporation Crucibles

Gas Analysis Crucibles

Optical Fiber

Manufacturing Applications -

  • Heaters
  • Muffle Tube

EDM Electrodes -

Our Clients

World-renowned companies like Devu tools, Dietech India,MothersonSumi Systems, Kangaro, Seco Warwick, and many others have entrusted us in supplying their Graphite needs. And now it’s your turn to take the benefits of our quality services!


About EXPO

Expo (founded in 1985) specializes in the machining of Graphite & Composites from more than a decade. Manufacturingand supplying high-grade products for industries has always been a pride for us. Our product ranges from Graphite EDM electrodes to customized graphite dies for Vacuum furnaces, continuous casting industry, sintering and also Carbon Composites - CFC and Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards, and many more! We use the high-grade raw material to make our products with extensive quality control norms.

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