EXNP – Expo Needle Punch Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards

Transforming the machine and tools market for more than a decade, EXPO presents you with the most suitable carbon fiber insulation boards sketched for your requirement!

  • Pioneer in incorporating Needle-punch technology for making Rigid Insulation Boards
  • EXNP - Only Rigid Insulation Board of the world, made by Needle-punch technology
  • One & only supplier of non-Chinese Carbon Fiber Rigid Insulation Boards in India

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EXNP is a carbon-fiber insulation used for high temperature vacuum furnace with an inert gas atmosphere. Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards are boards used to prevent loss of heat in highly technical operations in industries like Heat Treatment, Vacuum Furnace, Solar Cell Manufacturing, Silicon Ingot etc. These boards are made with specialized material to withstand temperature exceeding 2300° C, which no other material can do.

  • Our Insulation Boards – EXNP - are made by patented needle-punch technology. This technology is specifically used to make C/C Composite plates and other C/C products. And for the first time in the world, this technology has been incorporated to make Carbon Fiber Insulation boards
  • Low thermal conductivity and low C.T.E makes our boards high on energy saving
  • It can be customized to any shape and size as per customers' requirement
  • Delivery within 7-10 working days, subject to availability of stock

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Heat treatment in Sintering and Vacuum Furnace

Heat treatment in Sintering and Vacuum Furnace

Used in Grower for producing Single and Polycrystalline Silicon Ingot

Used in Grower for producing Single and Polycrystalline Silicon Ingot

Used in Grower for producing Single Sapphire Ingot

Used in Grower for producing Single Sapphire Ingot

Manufacturing of Optical Fiber

Manufacturing of Optical Fiber

We at Expo provide customized insulation boards of various shapes such as Ring type, Plate type, Cylinder type & Block type.

    We provide following types of insulation boards:

  • Foil-coated Insulation Boards
  • CFC- coated Insulation Boards / Cloth (Fabric) Lining
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Standard Size :
W 1,000mm x L 1500mm x T [30mm, 40mm, 50mm]

Thickness :
30mm, 40mm, 50mm & customised
Property & Unit



0.13 ~ 0.18
Electrical Resistivity


3.3 x 10-3
Tensile Strength


1.0 ~ 2.0
Compressive Strength


0.4 ~ 1.1
Thermal Expansion Coefficient


0.28 ~ 0.45


10 ~ 200

^The figures above are tentative values and not guaranteed

General technology for making Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards is the Slurry Method.
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Comparison – Slurry Method & Needle Punch Method

Slurry Mold Casting Method

Needle Punching Method

Microstructure formation by long fiber to form pores for good thermal properties, leading to energy saving and excellent insulation properties

S.NO. Factor Slurry Method Needle-punch Method
1. Fiber Length Short Long
2. Fiber Quantity Many Little
3. Contact Point Many Little
4. Pore Size Small Large
5. Density Control Hard Easy
6. Insulation Property Bad Good

Product Introduction

1. Type of Product

Type Dimension (mm) Remark
Standard Plate Width1,000 * Length1,500 * t30//t40/t50
Order Plate Max. Width1,000 * Length1,500 * t300
Tube Max. Ø1,300 * Height1,000

2. Model Code for RNP products

Name of code Option
RNP-N No Treatment
RNP-O OS Coating for Both Side
RNP-C Carbon Fabric Laminating for Both Side
RNP-G Graphite Foil Laminating for Both Side
RNP-H One Side OS Coating, Other Side G/Foil(or Carbon Fabric)

3. Typical Properties

Property Unit Value
Bulk Density g/cm3 0.14~0.20
Flexural Strength Mpa 1.0~2.0
Compressive Strength Mpa 6.0~9.8
Thermal Conductivity W/m-k 0.1~0.2
Electrical Resistivity μΩ-m 3.0~4.0
Ash PPm < 100
Surface Treatment Graphite Coating o
Graphite Foil o
Carbon Fabric Lamination o
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Expo (founded in 1985) specializes in the machining of Graphite & Composites from more than a decade. Manufacturingand supplying high-grade products for industries has always been a pride for us. Our product ranges from Graphite EDM electrodes to customized graphite dies for Vacuum furnaces, continuous casting industry, sintering and also Carbon Composites - CFC and Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards, and many more! We use the high-grade raw material to make our products with extensive quality control norms.

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